Showing God’s Love

Mission of the Month

The Mission Committee decided to initiate a Mission of the Month to focus on different mission opportunities for the entire congregation to participate. Many of the monthly mission activities will focus on those activities identified by the congregation as priorities for 2022. The monthly mission will be announced in a Moment for Mission at church, in the Highlander, in the bulletin, on the website and in the weekly e-mail communications to the congregation. Keep an eye out for these announcements that include an explanation of how you can participate.


The Sedona Grace Foundation will be the focus of our June Mission of the Month!  This 501 (c) (3) organization collects pet food and pet care items to distribute to those families visiting food pantries who are pet parents, so they can feed their pets too. Pets provide emotional support for those going through difficult times, and it would be painful for people to give up their furry friends because they could not feed them. So, in order to keep pets and people together, we donate pet food and treats to Sedona Grace. Collection of bags of dry dog and cat food will be collected from a designated area by the church front door.  Look for the sign. 
As a highlight this month, Rev. Keith will bless our pets on June 12 during the service.  If you prefer to bring a photo of your pet to be blessed instead, please do so.

Emails will be responded to Tuesday – Friday, 8:30 AM – Noon.